Legacy Sports founder Ron Melton, a successful internet entrepreneur, and business partner Jeff Dahlman are proud parents of collegiate athletes who played football and baseball together in Division III programs. They understand firsthand the pride that Division III athletes, their extended families and fans feel for their school - and have been frustrated by the limited school recognition beyond the campuses and the dearth of outlets for purchasing high quality, branded team apparel.

To remedy this situation, Ron and Jeff teamed up to create Legacy Sports: a provider of turn-key, feature-rich, online stores for Division III schools that offer an easy, virtual shopping experience for branded school merchandise; promote tradition and pride; and expand athletic program visibility far beyond the campus community.

We invite you to browse the online stores of schools that are capitalizing on the Legacy Sports D3 program to cater to their enthusiastic legions of fans, enhance their brand, and generate revenue that supports athletic departments. Then contact us for a consultation to discuss how we can collaborate for the benefit of your athletes, students, proud families, and alumni.